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1984 (featuring Brian May) 1967-XX-XX Thames Television Studios, Broom Road, Teddington, UK Thames Television Demo


Hold On I`m Wrong/Knock On Wood/NSU/How Can It Be/Step On Me (2x)/Purple Haze/Our Love Is Driftin`/Remember/Sweet Wine


69 EYES, THE 2003-03-08 Gorbushka, Moscow, Russia Brandon Lee 52:28/31:06 Disc One: Intro/Chasing High/Angel On My Shoulder/ Forever More/Gothic Girl/Velvet Touch/Donít Turn Your Back On Fear/ Stolen Season/Sleeping With Lions/Betty Blue/Radical/Still Waters Run Deep
Disc Two: The Chair/Wasting The Dawn/ Dance D Amour/Framed In Blood/ Stigmata/Brandon Lee


ABATTOIR / SCEPTRE (PRE- AGENT STEEL) / HOLY TERROR 1983, 1986 Demos The Roots Of Speed 34:37 ABATTOIR ďOriginal AbattoirĒ demo 1983: Screams From The Grave/Vicious Attack
SCEPTRE (pre- AGENT STEEL) demo 1983: Sceptre/144,000 Gone/Taken By Force
HOLY TERROR demo 1986: Intro/Black Plague/Distant Calling/Guardians Of The Netherworld
AC/DC 1974-03-XX Hampton Court Hotel, Sydney, Australia Sydney March 1974 76:60 Soul Stripper/No Particular Place To Go/Stay For A While/Carol/It's All Over Now/Jumpin' Jack Flash/Rock & Roll Singer/Blue Suede Shoes - Shake Rattle & Roll - Tutti Frutti/Rockin' In The Parlour/Bye Bye Johnny/ Lucille/All Right Now/Baby Please Don't Go/Honky Tonk Women 3
ACCEPT 1980-10-25 Dorphius Ruinerworld, Holland (featuring unreleased track!!!) Seawinds 77:12 Lady Lou/Tired Of Me/The King/Save Us/ Thatís Rock níRoll/Do It/Take It Easy/ Seawinds/Run If You Can/Take Him In My Heart/Free Me Now/Iím A Rebel/Breaker/ Burning/China Lady 4
ACCEPT 1981-12-12 Edenhaal, Amsterdam, Holland Thunder And Lightning 74:49 Starlight/Thunder And Lightning/Do It/Save Us/Feelings/Breaker/Run If You Can/Tired Of Me/Son Of A Bitch/Midnight Highway/ Canít Stand The Night/Free Me Now/Iím A Rebel/Down And Out/Burning/Death Row (Bonus Track) 4
ACCEPT 1983-04-29 La Mutualite, Paris, France + Demos Starlight 63:37 Get Ready/Son Of A Bitch/A Head Of The Pack/Guitar Solo/Midnight Highway/Flash Rockiní Man/Starlight/Iím A Rebel/Burning/ Flash Rockiní Man (Demo í81)/Fast As A Shark (Demo í81)/Son Of A Bitch (Demo í80)/Princess Of A Dawn (Demo í81)/Balls To The Wall (Demo í83) 4+
ACCEPT 1983-10-28 Stockholm, Sweden Where Monsters Dwell 52:43/39:20 Disc One: Fast As A Shark/Restless & Wild/Love Child/ Turn Me On/Breaker/ London Leatherboys/Princess Of The Dawn/Neon Nights/Losers And Winners/ Son Of A Bitch
Disc Two: Balls To The Wall/Guardian Of The Night/ Fight It Back/Flash Rockiní Man/ Starlight/Midnight Highway/Burning
ACCEPT 1984-03-12 Quebec, Canada Balls To Quebec 43:15 Fast As A Shark/Restless And Wild/Love Child/Turn Me On/Fight It Back/Princess Of The Dawn/London Leatherboys/Balls To The Wall 4
ACCEPT 1984-08-18 Castle Donington Festival, UK Live In Donington 34:25 Intro/Fast As A Shark/Turn Me On/Princess Of The Dawn/ Guitar Solo/Son Of A Bitch/London Leatherboys/Balls To The Wall 4
ACCEPT 1984-08-18
+ 1983-08-XX
Castle Donington Festival, UK
+ BBC Session, Cologne, Germany
Shark Attack 54:38 Castle Donington Festival, UK, 18 August 1984: Fast As A Shark/Turn Me On/Princess Of The Dawn/Guitar Solo/Son Of A Bitch/London Leatherboys/Balls To The Wall
BBC Session,Cologne, Germany, August 1983: Fast As A Shark/Flash Rockin' Man/Princess Of The Dawn/Son Of A Bitch
ACCEPT 1985-XX-XX Madison Colliseum, WI, USA 2 High 2 Get It -> 44:43 Metal Heart/London Leatherboys/Love Child/Midnight Mover/Screaming For A Love-Bite/Too High To Get It Right/Living For Tonite/Up To The Limit/Balls To The Wall/Death Row (Bonus Track) 4
ACCEPT 1985-XX-XX Nagoya, Japan Living For Tonite 67:05 Living For Tonite/Screaming For A Love-Bite/Love Child/Head Over Hills/Up To The Limit/Metal Heart/ Head Over Hills/Balls To The Wall/Neon Nights/ Burning/No Longer You Can Wait (Bonus Ė Unreleased Studio Track by U.D.O. 1990) 5
ACCEPT 1986-03-20 Ludwigschaffen, Germany War Games 79:02 TV Wars/Living For Tonite/Monsterman/ London Leatherboys/Wrong Is Right/ Princess Of The Dawn/ Heaven Is Hell/ Guitar Solo/Passages/Restless And Wild/ Son Of A Bitch/Breaker/Love Child/Up To The Limit/ Metal Heart/Russian Roulette/ Fast As A Shark/Balls To The Wall 4
ACCEPT 1989-06-18 Byanís Corner, St. Paul, USA Eat The Reece 75:39 Turn The Wheels/Living For Tonite/London Leatherboys/ Hellhammer/Princess Of The Dawn/Generation Clash/D-Train/Metal Heart (Incl. Wolfís guitar solo)/Band Introduction/Screaming For A Love-Bite/Up To The Limit/X-T-C/TV War/Balls To The Wall 3
ACCEPT 1993-05-04 Mejeret, Lund, Sweden The King Of Animal House 66:20/59:32 Disc One: Starlight/Living For Tonite/ Slaves To Metal/ Screaming For A Love-Bite/London Leatherboys/ Breaker/ Bulletproof/Princess Of The Dawn/ Neon Nights/Winter Dreams/Animal House/ Restless And Wild/Son Of A Bitch
Disc Two: T.V. Wars/Too High To Get It Right/The King/ X-T-C/Objection Overruled/ Up To The Limit/Burning/ Metal Heart/Fast As A Shark/Balls To The Wall
ACCEPT 1993-05-10 Moscow, Russia (not complete set) Moscow 1993 56:34/44:58 Disc One: Starlight/Living For Tonite/ Slaves To Metal/ Screaming For A Love-Bite/London Leatherboys/ Breaker/Bulletproof/Princess Of The Dawn/Instrumental/ Neon Nights/Winter Dreams
Disc Two: T.V. Wars/Too High To Get It Right/The King/ Guitar Solo/X-T-C/Flash Rockin' Man/Objection Overruled/Up To The Limit/Burning/Metal Heart/Fast As A Shark
ACCEPT 1996-06-14 IMP Hall, Osaka, Japan (penultimate show) Hard Attack 57:52/42:51 Disc One: Restless And Wild/Son Of A Bitch/Living For Tonite/London Leatherboys/Monsterman/Flash Rockiní Man/Slaves To Metal/Breaker/ Crossroads/ It Ainít Over Yet/Princess Of The Dawn/ Bad Habits Die Hard/ Hard Attack
Disc Two: Bulletproof/Fast As A Shark/ Metal Heart/ Making Me Scream/ Iím A Rebel-Burning/Balls To The Wall
ACCEPT 2002 Audio part of official DVD (2002) - unreleased tracks Metal Blast From The Past 38:34 Rich And Famous (Bonus track for Japanese ďObjection OverruledĒ)/Rocking For The Sun (Unreleased track for ďIím A RebelĒ)/Morning Sun (Unreleased track for ďIím A RebelĒ)/ Run If You Can (demo)/Down And Out (demo)/Canít Stand The Night (demo)/Breaker 5
ACCEPT 2005-06-04 Bergum, Holland Waldrock 2005 59:20 Starlight/Living For Tonite/London Leatherboys/Metal Heart/Breaker/Head Over Hills/Restless And Wild - Son Of A Bitch/Monsterman/Fast As A Shark/Princess Of The Dawn/Balls To The Wall 5
ACCEPT 2005-07-30 Shibuya-AX, Tokyo, Japan Flash Rockin' Man 61:15/48:27 Disc One: Starlight/Living For Tonite/London Leatherboys/Metal Heart/Up To The Limit/Winter Dreams/Flash Rockin' Man/Breaker/Bass Solo - Head Over Hills/Neon Nights/Guitar Solo/Restless And Wild/Son Of A Bitch
Disc Two: Turn Me On/TV War/Monsterman/Love Child/ Fast As A Shark/Princess Of The Dawn/Burning/Balls To The Wall
AEROSMITH 1977-08-27 Reading Festival, Reading, England, UK At Reading Festival (Metal Sword) 36:01 Mama Kin/S.O.S. (Too Bad)/Big Ten Inch Record/Lord Of The Thighs/Lick And A Promise/Dream On/Walk This Way/Draw The Line/Same Old Song And Dance 4
(with Jimmy Page)
+ 1990-08-09
Marquee Club, London, UK, 20 Aug. 1990 + Rehearsals in Kansas City, MO, USA, 9 Aug. 1990 Stroll On (Bondage Music) 70:27 Live at Marquee Club, London, England on August 20, 1990: Milk Cow Blues/I Ain't Got You (with Jimmy Page)/Think About It (with Jimmy Page)/Red House (with Jimmy Page)/Immigrant Song (with Jimmy Page)/Train Kept A Rollin' (with Jimmy Page)
Rehearsals in Kansas City, MO, USA on August 9, 1990: Smokestack Lightning/Monkey On My Back/ Seasons Of Wither/Love Me Two Times/Dream On/Is Anybody Out There?/Hangman Jury/Shakedown City/No More No More
ALCATRAZZ 1984-XX-XX Country Club, Reseda, California, USA Feat. Yngwie Malmsteen 46:42 Too Drunk To Live/General Hospital/Kree Nakoori/Island In The Sun/Evil Eye/Since Youíve Been Gone/Hiroshima Mon Amour/Suffer Me/Desert Song/Jet To Jet 5
ALCATRAZZ 1984-XX-XX Archaic Hall, Amagasaki, Japan Feat. Steve Vai 49:58/39:18 Disc One: Introduction/Breaking The Heart Of The City/ Jet To Jet/Skyfire/Sons And Lovers/Hiroshima Mon Amour/God Blessed Video/Will You Be Home Tonight/ Requiem/Kree Hakoorie/Steve Vaiís Solo
Disc Two: Since Youíve Been Gone/Painted Lover/Suffer Me/Stripper/Too Young To DieToo Drunk To Live/Kojo No Tsuki - Instrumental (Traditional)/Night Games/All Night Long
ALCHEMIST, THE 2002 Official rare album from Greg Lakeís drummer Carl Kennedy with Glenn Hughes lead vocals on 6 tracks, guitarist Tim Pierce from Roger Waters, Phil Collins, etc, and guitarist Ian Crichton from Saga. Songs From The Westside 40:30 Right Before My Eyes/Til The End/Full Moon Rising/Hypnotised/Westside/Taboo/ Fools At The Wheel/Right Before My Eyes 5
AMORPHIS 2002-12-14 Gorbushka, Moscow, Russia Lady Of The Thousand Lakes 53:26/42:15 Disc One: Intro/The Night Is Over/The Way/ Better Unborn/Goddess (Of The Sad Man)/ Tuonela/The Castaway/Against Widows/ Divinity/On Rich And Poor
Disc Two: Drowned Maid/Summer End/ Alone/My Kantele/In The Beginning/Greed/ Black Winter Day
ANGEL WITCH 2003-06-21 Club Mundo, Zottegem, Belgium (featuring members of Heathen) Club Mondo 57:16 Flight 19/Atlantis/White Witch/Confused/The Sorceress/Extermination Day/Twist Of The Knife/Gorgon/Sweet Danger/Angel Witch/Baphomet/ Angel Of Death 5
ANGRA 1998-05-12 Far East, Tokyo, Japan Run To The Hills 63:13/72:36 Disc One: Opening SE/Wings Of Reality/Lisbon/Metal Icarus/Angels Cry/Make Believe/Carolina IV (Part I) - Drums Solo/Freedom Call
Disc Two: Silence And Distance/Carolina IV (Part II)/Stand Away - Guitar Solo/Speed/Evil Warning/Paradise/ Fireworks - Band Introduction/ Living After Midnight/ Unfinished Allegro - Carry On/Run To The Hills
ANNIHILATOR 2000-02-24 Gorbushka, Moscow, Russia Live In Moscow 71:08 Intro/W.T.Y.D./Back To The Palace/World Salad/Refresh The Demon/I An In Command/Punctured/King Of The Kill/Stonewall/Set The World On Fire/Bloodbath/Alison Hell/Phantasmagoria 5
ANTHEM & GRAHAM BONNET 2000-07-14 Shibuya On Air East, Tokyo, Japan Wild Anthem 55:45/51:29 Disc One: Intro/Gypsy Ways/Evil Touch/ Midnight Sun/ Love In Vain/Keyboards Intro/Blinded Pain/Lost In Hollywood/Guitar Solo Ė Drums Solo/Hungry Soul
Disc Two: Cryiní Heart/The Juggler/Hunting Time/Wild Anthem (with Eizo Sakamoto)/ Shout It Out (with Norio Morikawa)/All Night Long/Show Must Go On/Will You Still Love Me Tomorrow/Since You Been Gone
ARCH ENEMY 2002-03-12 Nagoya, Japan Burning Angela 79:30 Intro Se/Enemy Within'/Bury Me An Angel/Diva Satanica/ Heart Of Darkness/The Immortal/Dark Insanity/ Instrumental Riff - Medley/Drum Solo/Burning Angel/   Pirgrim/Silver Wing/Dead Bury Their Dead/Angel Claw/ Beast Of A Man/Snowbound/Shadows And Dust - Fields Of Desolation 5
ARIA (Russian Band) 1986-XX-XX With Whom You Are demos (Ðûáû ê àëüáîìó "Ñ êåì òû?") Are You With The Right One? (Ñ òåì ëè òû?) 19:40 Power And Reason (Demo-Bulk)/Icarus (Demo-Bulk)/ Without You (Demo-Bulk)/Unreleased Track (Demo-Bulk)/Unreleased Track (Demo-Bulk) 3-
ARIA (Russian Band) 1995-XX-XX Night Id Shorter Than Day demos and outtakes (Ðûáû è àóòòýéêè ê àëüáîìó "Íî÷ü êîðî÷å äíÿ") Day Is Longer Than Night (Äåíü äëèííåå íî÷è) 71:41 Demos of Aria with vocals of Alexey Bulgakov: Angel Dust (Complete Version)/Night Is Shorter Than Day (Incomplete Version)/Blood For Blood (Incomplete Version)/Zombie (Incomplete Version)
Bulks with vocals of Valery Kipelov: Night Is Shorter Than Day/Take My Heart/Beast
Bulks with vocals of Vitaly Dubinin: Slavery Of Illusion/Paranoia/Go Away And Don't Return/King Of The Road/Spirit Of War/Night Is Shorter Than Day (Half-Completed Lyrics Version)
Angel Dust (Early Version 1994)
ASHTON, GARDNER AND DYKE 1971 Belgium 1971 + more Let It Roll Ė Live 1971 (official bootleg) 76:04 Itís Gonna Be High Tonight/Let It Roll/ Mister Freako/Itís A Drag, Iím A Drag/Iím Dying For You/Resurrection Shuffle/Falling Song/Rolling Home/Billy & His Piano With/ Billy And His Piano With (Live 1970)/ Rolling Home (Live 1970)/Resurrection Shuffle (Dif. Live 1971) 5
BADLANDS 1999 3rd album, officially released in Japan only in 1999 - rare (feat. Ray Gillen) Dusk 43:10 Healer/Sun Red Sun/Tribal Moon/The River/Walking Attitude/The Fire Lasts Forever/Dog/Fat Cat/Lord Knows/Ride The Jack 5
BANGLES, THE 1983-XX-XX Studio outtakes and demos from 1983 How Is The Air Up There? 55:02 Call On Me/How Is The Air Up There?/Iím In Line (Take 1)/Bitching Summer/Going Down To Liverpool/Hero Takes A Fall (Take 1)/I Want You/Iím In Line (Take 2)/ Silent Treatment/More Than Meets The Eyes/Iíll Be Your Mirror/Live/Where Were YouWhen I Needed You?/Iíll Keep It With Mine/Mary Street/James/Run To Me/Getting Out Of Hand/Hero Takes A Fall (Take 2)/Real World/Baby Thatís Me 4-
BEAST (featuring Doro Pesch) 1981-XX-XX Demo 1981 (pre-Warlock) Demo 1981 33:27 Satisfied You/The Next Could Be You/Twilight City/ Black Devil/Lord Of Thunder/Magic Power/Renegade To Evil 5-
BEE GEES, THE 1979-XX-XX Barry Gibb's demos for Barbra Streisand's album Guilty Demos 44:20 Run Wild/Promises/Woman In Love/What Kind Of Fool/ The Love Inside/ Carried Away/Life Story/Guilty/Make It Like A Memory/The Wishes We Share 5
BEE GEES, THE 1982-1983 Barry Gibb's demos for Kenny Rogers Eyes That See In The Dark Demos 39:48 This Woman/You And I/Buried Treasure/Islands In The Stream/Living With You/Evening Star/Hold Me/ Midsummer Nights/I Will Always Love You/Eyes That See In The Dark 5
BEE GEES, THE 1991-XX-XX Wembley Arena, London, UK On Stage '91 58:32/46:34 Disc One: BBC Intro/Tragedy/You Win Again/I've Gotta Get A Message To You/Juliet/House Of Shame/The Only Love/When He's Gone/To Love Somebody/Ghost Train/ How Can You Mend A Broken Heart/One/High Civilization/Words
Disc Two: Stayin' Alive/Morning Of My Life/And The Sun Will Shine/ World/Too Much Heaven/Heartbreaker/ Holiday/Saved By The Bell/Run To Me/New York Mining Disaster 1941/Lonely Days/Dimension/I Started A Joke/ Massachusetts/Secret Love/Jive Talkin'
(Russian Band)
1987-XX-XX Moscow, Russia 1987 Two Concerts 78:35 Introduction/Apocalypse/Midnight/Disease/Trojan Horse/ Introduction/Apocalypse/Midnight/Trojan Horse/ Abadonna/Fantastc Engraving/Litanies To Satan/Black Obelisk 5-
BLACK SABBATH 1970-11-22 Fillmore West, San Francisco, USA Live At The Fillmore West (Metal Sword) 65:00 Paranoid/N.I.B./War Pigs/Black Sabbath/Iron Man/Behind The Wall Of Sleep/Hand Of Doom/Rat Salad/Fairies Wear Boots/Wicked World 4
BLACK SABBATH 1970-12-20 Olympia, Paris, France + 2 bonus War Pigs 63:08 Paranoid/Hand Of Doom/Ironman/Black Sabbath/N.I.B./ Behind The Wall Of Sleep/War Pigs/Fairies Wear Boots/ Black Sabbath (Demo-version) (Bonus)/Untitled Demo-Track of Earth (Bonus) 4


BLACK SABBATH 1971-02-23 Forum, Inglewood, USA California Nightmare 51:41 Tune Up/Paranoid/NIB/War Pigs/Black Sabbath/Iron Man/Wicked World/Fairies Wear Boots/Unknown Song (Cuts) 3-
BLACK SABBATH 1971-03-02 University Of North Carolina, Chapel Hill, USA Chapel Hill 54:49 N.I.B./War Pigs/Black Sabbath/Iron Man/Into The Void/Wicked World/Paranoid/Fairies Wear Boots 4-
BLACK SABBATH 1971-07-28 Gaelic Park, Bronx, Riverdale, NY, USA Live At The Gaelic Park 55:15 N.I.B/War Pigs/Sweet Leaf/Iron Man/Children Of The Grave/Wicked World/Paranoid/Fairies Wear Boots 3+
BLACK SABBATH 1971-10-22 Academy Of Music, New York City Master Of The Grave 62:13 N.I.B./War Pigs/Sweet Leaf/Iron Man/Embryo/Children Of The Grave/Wicked World (Wicked World-Iommi Solo-Orchid-Wicked World (Cont.))/Paranoid 4-
BLACK SABBATH 1972 (fake) + 1971 Newcastle, UK, 1972 + Beat Club, Germany, 1971-72 Newcastle Nights 73:47 ďNewcastle tracksĒ are in fact from the same gig that official ďLive At LastĒ (Some tracks have the wrong names and confused) Tomorrowís Dream/Sweet Leaf/St. Vitus Dance/Cornucopia/Snowblind/Faires Wear Boots/ War Pigs/Hand Of Doom/NIB/Supernaut/Behind The Wall Of Sleep/Paranoid/Under The Sun...
Beat Club, Germany, 1971-72 - Black Sabbath/Paranoid/ Iron Man/Blue Swede Shoes
BLACK SABBATH 1972-03-10 Winterland Arena, San Francisco, CA, USA San Francisco 74:00 N.I.B./Tomorrow's Dream (Alternate Lyrics)/War Pigs/ Sweet Leaf/Iron Man/Snowblind (Alternate Lyrics/ Wicked World/Embryo/Children Of The Grave/Paranoid/ Fairies Wear Boots 3
BLACK SABBATH 1972-03-16 Tucson Community Center Convention Hall, Tucson, Arizona, USA Tomorrow's Dream 74:20 N.I.B./Tomorrow's Dream/War Pigs/Sweet Leaf/Iron Man/Snowblind/Wicked World/Children Of The Grave/ Paranoid/Fairies Wear Boots 4
BLACK SABBATH   Different Demos (possibly fake) + rares Sabbath's Bloody Demos 73:02/60:28 Disc One: Hole In The Sky/Symptom Of The Universe/ Am I Going Insane (Radio)/Thrill Of It All/Megalomania/ The Writ/Sabbath Bloody Sabbath/A National Acrobat/ Sabbra Cadabra/Killing Yourself To Live/Who Are You/ Looking For Today
Disc Two: Black Sabbath/Behind The Wall Of Sleep/ Wicked World/Iron Man/Planet Caravan
Beat Club 1970: Black Sabbath/Iron Man/Blue Suede Shoes/Paranoid
Sometimes I'm Happy (from "Live At Last")/The Wizard (Zakk Wylde studio)/Fire In The Sky (Ozzy live 3.12.1988)/So Tired (Ozzy live 10.11.1983)/Married With Children (Studio)
BLACK SABBATH 1973-03-03
(incorrectly stated as 1972-02-17)
Olympia, Paris, France Paris '73 42:30 Tomorrow's Dream/Sweet Leaf/War Pigs/Snowblind/ Killing Yourself To Live/Cornucopia/Embryo-Children Of The Grave/Paranoid 3-
BLACK SABBATH 1974-02-01 Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, USA Pittsburgh '74 70:40 Tomorrows Dream/Sweat Leaf/Killing Yourself To Live/ Snowblind/War Pigs/A National Acrobat/Cornucopia/ Sabbra Cadabra/Guitar Solo/Sometimes I'm Happy/Drum Solo/Supernaut/Embryo/Sabbra Cadabra Reprise 3-
BLACK SABBATH 1974-02-11 International Amphitheater, Chicago, IL, UK Love In Chicago (Direct Vinyl Transfer) 75:28 Tomorrow's Dream/Sweet Leaf/Killing Yourself To Live/ Snowblind/Sabra Cadabra/What To Do/Supernaut/Iron Man/Guitar Improvision/Black Sabbath/Children Of The Grave/War Pigs/Paranoid 3-
BLACK SABBATH 1974-04-06 California Jam 1, Ontario Motor Speedway Bagdad 63:27 Tomorrows Dream/Sweat Leaf/Killing Yourself To Die/ War Pigs/Snow Blind/Sabra Cadabra/Supernaut Part 1/ Supernaut Part 2/Supernaut Part 3/Iron Man/Sabra Cadabra Reprise/Paranoid/Children Of The Grave 5-
BLACK SABBATH 1975-08-06 Convention Hall, Asbury Park, New Jersey, USA + Earth jam session 1969 Heaven And Earth 70:05/72:29 Disc One: Intro-Supertzar-Killing Yourself To Live/Hole In The Sky/Snowblind/ Symptom Of The Universe/War Pigs/ Megalomania/Sabra Cadabra/Jam-Guitar Solo/Jam-Drums Solo/Supernaut/Iron Man
Disc Two: Guitar Solo incl. Orchid, RockíNíRoll Doctor, Donít Stop (Too Late)/ Black Sabbath/Spiral Architect/ Embryo-Children Of The Grave/Paranoid
EARTH Jam Session 1969: Instrumental Jam #1/ Instrumental Jam #2/Instrumental Jam #3

SP on Sabbath tracks

BLACK SABBATH 1975-09-05 Swing Auditorium, National Orange Showground, San Bernardino, California, USA Sabotage On Route 666 76:06 Supertzar/Killing Yourself To Live/Hole In The Sky/ Snowblind/ Symptom Of The Universe/War Pigs/Sabra Cadabra/Jam-Guitar Solo/Unknown-Drums Solo/ Supernaut/Iron Man/Guitar Solo/Black Sabbath/Spiral Architect 4-
BLACK SABBATH 1975-10-12 Colston Hall, Bristol, UK When The Saints Go Marching In Bristol (Remastered) 53:17/39:25 Disc One: Supertzar/Killing Yourself To Live/Hole In The Sky/Snowblind/ Symptom Of The Universe/War Pigs/When The Saints Go Marching In/Sabbra Cadabra/ Jam I/Guitar Solo I/Jam II/Guitar Solo II/Sometimes I'm Happy/Drum Solo
Disc Two: Supernaut/Iron Man/Guitar Solo III/Orchid/ Rock And Roll Doctor [Instrumental Version]/Guitar Solo IV/Black Sabbath/Spiral Architect/Embryo/Children Of The Grave/Paranoid
BLACK SABBATH 1976-12-06 Madison Square Garden, New York City, USA Rock N' Roll Gypsy 42:06/44:53 Disc One: Opening Announcement - Opening SE "Supertzer"/Symptom Of The Universe/Snowblind/All Moving Parts (Stand Still)/War Pigs/Gypsy/Black Sabbath
Disc Two: Dirty Women/Drums Solo/Guitar Solo/Rock 'N' Roll Doctor/Guitar Solo (Reprise)/Electric Funeral/ Iron Man/Children Of The Grave/Paranoid
BLACK SABBATH 1977-04-21 The Olympen, Lund, Sweden Doomsday Recitation 68:27 Symptom Of The Universe/Snowblind/War Pigs/Black Sabbath/Dirty Women/Rock N Roll Doctor/Electric Funeral/N.I.B./Gypsy/Paranoid 4+
BLACK SABBATH 1977-04-21 London 1975 (in fact Lund, Sweden, 21.04.77 + more) Sabs Furore 72:39 Olympen, Lund, Sweden, 21.04.1977 - Symptom Of The Universe/Black Sabbath/ Dirty Woman/RockíníRoll Doctor/Electric Funeral/N.I.B./Gypsy/Paranoid/Children Of The Grave
Legion Arena, Pittsburgh, PA, USA, 02.09.1978 - Iron Man
Spectrum, Philadelphia, PA, USA, 06.08.1975 - Killing Yourself To Live
BLACK SABBATH 1978-06-19
+ 1980-11-18
Hammersmith Odeon, London + Sun Plaza Hall, Tokyo 1980 Angels & Devils 76:08 Hammersmith Odeon, London, UK, 19 June 1978: Intro/ Supertzar/Symptom Of The Universe (not listed)/War Pigs/Never Say Die/Dirty Woman/Drum Solo (listed as RockíNí Roll)/RockíNíRoll Doctor (listed as Doctor)/Electric Funeral/Children Of The Grave (mislabeled as N.I.B.)/Paranoid
Sun Plaza Hall, Tokyo, Japan, 18 November 1980: Neon Knights/Sweet Leaf/Heaven And Hell/Iron Man
BLACK SABBATH 1980-07-19 Seattle, USA Dance Of The Devil 73:40 War Pigs/Neon Knights/N.I.B./Children Of The Sea/ Sweet Leaf/Black Sabbath/ Heaven And Hell/Iron Man/ Guitar Solo/Die Young 4
BLACK SABBATH 1980-11-18 Sun Plaza Hall, Tokyo, Japan Tokyo 1980 57:52 Neon Knights/Sweet Leaf/Lady Evil/Black Sabbath/N.I.B./ Children Of The Sea/Heaven And Hell/Iron Man 4
BLACK SABBATH 1980-11-18 Sun Plaza Hall, Tokyo, Japan (Geoff Nichols Mix - with a lot of keyboards) Nuclear Poisoner 53:45 Intro/Neon Knights/N.I.B./Children Of The Sea/Sweet Leaf/Black Sabbath/Heaven And Hell/Iron Man 5-
BLACK SABBATH 1980-11-27 Capitol Theatre, Sydney, Australia Burning The Cross 73:25 War Pigs/Neon Knights/N.I.B./Children Of The Sea/ Sweet Leaf/Black Sabbath/ Heaven And Hell/Iron Man/ Die Young/ Paranoid 5
BLACK SABBATH 1981-01-20
+ 1983-08-27
London, UK, 20.01.81 + Reading Festival, UK, 27.08.83 Live Murder Act I & II 63:10/46:36 Disc One: Hammersmith Odeon, London, UK, 20.01.81 (feat. Dio) - Intro-War Pigs/Neon Knights/N.I.B./ Children Of The Sea/Sweet Leaf/Lady Evil/Black Sabbath/Die Young/Paranoid/Children Of The Grave
Disc Two: Reading Festival, UK, 27.08.83 (feat. Gillan) - Hot Line/War Pigs/Black Sabbath/Zero The Hero/Digital Bitch/Iron Man/Smoke On The Water/Paranoid
BLACK SABBATH 1983-06-26 Manor Studios, UK (Unmixed Demos feat. 1 Unreleased Track) Born Again Demos & The Fallen (Bondage Music) 46:45 Hot Line/Keep It Warm/The Fallen (Never Released)/Digital Bitch/Stonehenge/Trashed/Zero The Hero/Born Again/Disturbing The Priest 5
BLACK SABBATH 1983-08-19 Johanneshovs Isstadion, Stockholm, Sweden Supertzar 43:13/45:33 Disc One: Stonehenge/Children Of The Grave/Hot Line/ War Pigs/Born Again/Supernaut/Rockíní Roll Doctor/ Disturbing The Priest
Disc Two: Keep It Warm/Black Sabbath/Zero The Hero/ Guitar Solo - Digital Bitch/Iron Man/Smoke On The Water/Paranoid
BLACK SABBATH 1983-09-30 Espace Ballard, Paris, France, 30 Sept. 1983 Parisian Bitch 50:47 Children Of The Grave/Hot Line/War Pigs/Supernaut-Drums Solo/RockíníRoll Doctor/Disturbing The Priest/ Guitar Solo/Digital Bitch/Smoke On The Water/Paranoid 5-
BLACK SABBATH 1983-11-04 The Centrum, Worchester, MA, USA Live In Worcester (gaps removed) (official KBFH release) 72:00 Children Of The Grave/Hot Line/War Pigs/Iron Man/Zero The Hero/Heaven And Hell/Guitar Solo/Digital Bitch/ Black Sabbath/Smoke On The Water/Paranoid 5+
BLACK SABBATH 1983-11-18
+ 1983-08-27
Chicago, USA, 18.11.1983 + Reading, UK, 27.08.83 Chicago í83 69:34/69:23 Disc One: VIC Pavillion, Chicago, Illinois, USA, 18.11.83 (feat. Gillan) - Intro & Supertzar/Children Of The Grave/Hot Line/War Pigs/Disturbing The Priest/ Supernaut - Drums Solo/Rockín Roll Doctor/Iron Man/ Zero The Hero/Heaven And Hell - Guitar Solo
Disc Two: Black Sabbath/Smoke On The Water/Paranoid
Reading Festival, UK, 27.08.83 (feat. Gillan) - Hot Line/ War Pigs/Black Sabbath/Zero The Hero/Digital Bitch/Iron Man/Smoke On The Water/Paranoid
Loser Gets It All (Studio Japanese Bonus for ďForbiddenĒ feat. T. Martin)


BLACK SABBATH 1984-01-26 Civic Center, Long Beach, CA, USA Heroes And Bitches 71:53/21:42 Disc One: Intro/Neon Knights/Hot Line/War Pigs/ Disturbing The Priest/Supernaut - Drum Solo/Rock 'n' Roll Doctor/Black Sabbath/Zero The Hero/Heaven And Hell/Guitar Solo/Digital Bitch
Disc Two: Iron Man/Children Of The Grave/Smoke On The Water/Paranoid
BLACK SABBATH 1984-03-04 Civic Center, Springfield, MA, USA The Last Show With Ian Gillan 70:28/14:34 Disc One: Supertzar/Neon Knights/Hot Line/War Pigs/ Disturbing The Priest/ Supernaut/Srum Solo/RockíníRoll Doctor/ Stonehenge/Black Sabbath/The Dark/Zero The Hero/Heaven And Hell/Guitar Solo/Iron Man
Disc Two: Children Of The Grave/Smoke On The Water/ Paranoid
BLACK SABBATH 1985-XX-XX Seventh Star demos with Jeff Fenholt (from MP3) Star Of India (feat. Jeff Fenholt) 58:18 Star Of India (Seventh Star) Version 1/Take My Heart (No Stranger To Love) Version 1/Eye Of The Storm (Turn To Stone) Version 1/Love On The Line (Heart Like A Wheel)/Star Of India (Seventh Star) Version 2/Chance Of Love (Danger Zone)/Take My Heart (No Stranger To Love) Version 2/Eye Of The Storm (Turn To Stone) Version 2/Star Of India (Seventh Star) Version 3/Jam 1 - Jam 6 4


BLACK SABBATH 1986-03-14 Final Live Rehearsals, Hollywood, CA Turn To Glenn 44:07 Supertzar/Mob Rules/Children Of The Sea/Danger Zone/ War Pigs/Symptom Of The Universe - Sweet Leaf/Sphinx (The Guardian) - Seventh Star/Turn To Stone/No Stranger To Love 3
BLACK SABBATH 1986-04-28 San Antonio, Texas, 28.04.86 + Eternal Idol demos The Ray Gillen Years 77:52 Danger Zone/War Pigs/Heart Like A Wheel/Sweet Leaf/ Black Sabbath/Neon Knights/Glory Ride/Lost Forever/ Eternal Idol/The Shining/Hard Life To Live/Ancient Warrior/Born To Lose/Nightmare (Bonus track from Complete Ray Gillen Years bootleg) 4
BLACK SABBATH 1986-05-21 City Hall, Sheffield, England (feat. Ray Gillen) The Seventh Call 52:07/42:26 Disc One: Supertzar/The Mob Rules/Children Of The Sea/ War Pigs/Danger Zone/Heart Like A Wheel/Medley: Symptom Of The Universe - Sweet Leaf - Zero The Hero - Sphinx - Seventh Star/Turn To Stone/Die Young
Disc Two: Black Sabbath/Bass Solo/N/I/B//Neon Knights/ Heaven And Hell/Children Of The Grave/Paranoid
BLACK SABBATH 1986-06-02 Hammersmith Odeon, London, England (feat. Ray Gillen) Ray Rules 60:18 Mob Rules/Danger Zone/War Pigs/Seventh Star/Die Young/Black Sabbath/N.I.B./Neon Knights/Paranoid/ Danger Zone/Tony Iommi Interview Part 1/Sabbath Bloody Sabbath/Tony Iommi Interview Part 2 4
BLACK SABBATH 1986-06-02 Hammersmith Odeon, London, England, 2 June 1986 (Complete Show featuring Ray Gillen) Sphinx - Live At The Hammersmith Odeon 56:18/48:14 Disc One: Supertzar/Mob Rules/Children Of The Sea/ Danger Zone/War Pigs/Heart Like Wheel/Medley: Symptom Of The Universe - Sweet Leaf - Zero The Hero/ Sphinx (The Guardian) - Seventh Star/Turn To Stone - Drum Solo
Disc Two: Die Young/Black Sabbath/Bass Solo/N.I.B./ Neon Knights/Heaven And Hell/Children Of The Grave/ Paranoid
BLACK SABBATH 1987-11-25 Stadhalle, Bremen, Germany Eternal Shining 73:32 Supertzar/Neon Knights/Children Of The Sea/War Pigs/ Born To Lose/Black Sabbath/Glory Ride/Heaven And Hell/Guitar Solo/Heaven And Hell (Encore)/Children Of The Grave/The Shining/Paranoid 5
BLACK SABBATH 1989-06-09 Manchester Apollo, Manchester Death Called í89 62:43 Headless Cross/Neon Knights/Children Of The Sea/Die Young/Iron Man/When Death Calls/War Pigs/Heaven And Hell-Paranoid-Heaven And Hell/Cloak And Dagger (b-side of Headless Cross single) 5-
BLACK SABBATH 1989-10-19 Koseinen Hall, Osaka, Japan + more 1989 71:16 Headless Cross/Neon Knights/The Mob Rules/Black Sabbath/Iron Man/Children Of The Grave/Heaven And Hell/Paranoid/Whatís The Use (Japanese bonus for ďCross PurposesĒ)/Loser Gets It All (Japanese bonus for ďForbiddenĒ)/Heaven And Hell (Live in Moscow 1989 - from ďFeels Good To MeĒ maxi-single)/Paranoid (Live In Moscow 1989 - from ďFeels Good To MeĒ maxi-single) 5
BLACK SABBATH 1992 Different rare recordings (released in 1992) Archangel Rides Again 72:33 Announcement by Frank Zappa/Snowblind/Black Sabbath/ Iron Man (Legion Arena, Pittsburgh Sept.1978)/Paranoid-Heaven And Hell-Blues Jam (Iommi & Lita Ford, Capitol Theatre, Passaic, New Jersey, Nov.1984)/Blue Suede Shoes (Beat Club, Bremen, Germany, 1970)/Juniorís Eyes (with Dave Walker, BBC Midlands TV Jan.1978/ Song For Jeffrey (Iommi with Jethro Tull, ďGreat RockíníRoll CircusĒ Dec.11.1968, announcement by Mick Jagger)/Tall Stories (Bill Ward Solo as from Metal Shop, Oct.1986)/Neon Knights (Dio & Geezer Butler, Minneapolis Aug.28.1990)/Heaven And Hell/Paranoid (New York 1991 featuring Brian May) 3-
BLACK SABBATH 1992-XX-XX Instrumental outtakes live in the studio The Dehumanizer Demos 46:00 Computer God (Take 1)/Letters From Earth (Take 1 & 2)/Unknown Song #1 (Take 1)/ Unknown Song #1 (Take 2 & 3)/Unknown Song #1 (Take 4)/Apache/Unknown Song #2/ Whistling/Computer God (Take 2)/ Computer God (Take 3)/Computer God (Take 4) 4
BLACK SABBATH 1992-08-09 Orpheum, Boston, USA (feat. R.J.Dio) Black Bloody Black 78:03 The Mob Rules/Computer God/Children Of The Sea/Time Machine/War Pigs/I/Black Sabbath/Medley (Master Of Insanity - After All (The Dead))/Iron Man/Heaven And Hell/Neon Knights 5+
BLACK SABBATH 1992-11-14
+ 1992-11-15
Pacific Amphitheatre, Costa Mesa, USA Ozzy Meets The Priest 55:52/75:04 Disc One (Vocals by Rob Halford): Mob Rules/ Computer God/Children Of The Sea/Symptom Of The Universe/  N.I.B./Die Young/Into The Void/Heaven And Hell/ Supernaut-Neon Knights
Disc Two (Vocals by Rob Halford; Four last songs - reunion jam with Ozzy and Ward): Children Of The Grave/Children Of The Sea/Symptom Of The Universe/ N.I.B./Die Young/Into The Void/Heaven And Hell/Sweet Leaf/Neon Knights/Black Sabbath/Fairies Wear Boots/ Iron Man/Paranoid
BLACK SABBATH 1992-09-12 Emilia, Italy (featuring R.J. Dio) Europe 1993 50:17 Computer God/Children Of The Sea/Time Machine/War Pigs/ Medley: Master Of Insanity - After All (The Dead/ Iron Man/Heaven And Hell 4
BLACK SABBATH 1994-03-03 Universal Amphitheatre, LA (feat. T. Martin) Los Angeles 1994 49:25/51:02 Disc One: Time Machine/Children Of The Grave/ Children Of The Sea/I Witness/Mob Rules/Into The Void/ Psychophobia/Black Sabbath/Neon Knights
Disc Two: Immaculate Deception/The Wizard/Crown Of Thorns/Headless Cross/Paranoid/Iron Man/Sabbath Bloody Sabbath/The Mob Rules (Boston, 09.08.92 feat. Dio)/Computer God (Boston, 09.08.92 feat. Dio)/Whatís The Use (ďCross PurposesĒ Japanese Bonus Track)
BLACK SABBATH 1995-XX-XX Instrumental demos for Forbidden (Iommi, Murray, Powell, Nicholls) Forbidden Instrumental Demos 1995 47:13 Illusion Of Power/Forbidden/Shaking Off The Chains/ Can't Get Close Enough To You/Guilty As Hell/Get A Grip/Loser Gets It All/Kiss Of Death/I Won't Cry For You/Sick And Tired/Rusty Angels 5
BLACK SABBATH 1995-06-16 Karlshamn, Sweden Beast In Heaven 39:19 Neon Knights/The Shining/The Wizard/War Pigs/ Headless Cross/Rusty Angels/I Wonít Cry For You 5
BLACK SABBATH 1998-06-03 Kisstadion, Budapest Ozzy Rules Budapest 73:34 War Pigs/N.I.B./Fairies Wear Boots/Snowblind/Into The Void/Spiritual Architect/Lord Of The World/Sweet Leaf/ Electric Funeral/Black Sabbath/Iron Man/Children Of The Grave 5
BLACK SABBATH 2004-07-29 Mountain View, CA, USA Ozzfest 2004 - Mountain View 67:03 Intro/War Pigs/N.I.B./Fairies Wear Boots/Into The Void/ Black Sabbath/Snowblind/Iron Man/Children Of The Grave/Paranoid 5-
BLACK SABBATH 2005-06-20 Stadthalle, Vienna, Austria The Wizard's Resurrection 62:54/28:16 Disc One: Tape Intro (Medley)/N.I.B./After Forever/War Pigs (Incl. Band Introduction)/Dirty Women/Fairy Wear Boots/Symptom Of The Universe - Sweet Leaf/Electric Funeral/Iron Man/Into The Void
Disc Two: Black Sabbath/The Wizard/Paranoid/Sleeping Village Intro - Children Of The Grave/Tape Outro (Changes)
BLACK SABBATH & ROB HALFORD   Russian compilation Judas Archives Vol. 2 78:49/79:46 Disc One: Light Comes Out Of Black (Pantera & Rob Halford)/Goddamn Devil (Ugly Kid Joe & Rob Halford)/Delivering The Goods (Skid Row & Rob Halford)
Pacific Amphitheatre, Costa Mesa, LA, USA, 14.11.1992 Black Sabbath with Rob Halford: Mob Rules/Computer God/ Children Of The Sea/Symptom Of The Universe/ N.I.B./Die Young/Into The Void/Heaven And Hell/ Supernaut - Neon Knights
Wizard (from Nativity In Black)/Christmas Ride (Fight)
Disc Two: Pacific Amphitheatre, Costa Mesa, LA, USA, 15.11.1992 Black Sabbath with Rob Halford: Children Of The Grave/Children Of The Sea/Symptom Of The Universe/N.I.B./Die Young/Into The Void/Heaven And Hell/Sweet Leaf/Neon Knights
Black Sabbath Reunion Jam: Black Sabbath/Fairies Wear Boots/Iron Man/Paranoid
Mr. Crowley (from ďBat Head SoupĒ with Tim Owens on vocals)
BLACKFOOT 1983-08-10 Palladium, Hollywood, CA King Biscuit Flower Hour (official) 63:21 Rattlesnake RockíNíRoller/Wishing Well/Teenage Idol/ Train, Train/Easy Liviní/Highway Song/On The Run/Fly Away/Liviní In The City/Interview With Rickey Medlocke 5+
BLACKMORE, RITCHIE   Different live and studio rare tracks Blackmore By Request 60:08/59:23 Disc One: Warming-Up (Rainbow 06-12-82)/Cosmic Jazz (Deep Purple 1984 Studio Outtake)/Smoke On The Water (Deep Purple BBC Studio Live)/Never Before (Deep Purple BBC Studio Live)/I Surrender (Rainbow Unreleased 1980 Instrumental Demo Version)/Make Your Move (Rainbow Extended Version)/All Night Long (Rainbow Edited Version)/Self Portrait (Rainbow Live 11-20-75)/Mandrake Root (Deep Purple Guitar Crush Version)/Rock N Roll Medley (Ian Gillan Band)
Disc Two: Ritchieís Riff (Rainbow Unreleased 1980 Instrumental Demo Version)/Tarot Woman (Rainbow BBC Studio Live)/Fireball (Deep Purple BBC Studio Live)/Perfect Strangers (Rainbow Unreleased 1980 Instrumental Demo Version)/Midnight Tunnel Vision (Rainbow Unreleased 1980 Instrumental Demo Version)/Jealous Lover (Rainbow Live)/A Light In Black (Rainbow Live 12-10-76)/Anyoneís Daughter (Deep Purple Live 06-24-71)/Blues Shuffle (Jackie Lynton Band Live 03-10-87)/Woman From Tokyo (Ian Gillan Live 12-27-78)/Lucille (Ian Gillan Live 12-27-78)
BLACKMOREíS KINGDOM   Instrumental Outtakes (mostly fake) Blackmoreís Kingdom 65:57 ĎMeímíingen/Unquest Grave/A Maid Beddlam/Scarbourgh Fair/The Trees They Do Grow/Minstrel Hall/Wind Dance Of The Fairies/Lovely Joan - The Spirit Flies Free/Sovay/ All Things Are Quite Silent/Mond Tanz/Greensleeves/ Breton Dance - Douce Dame Jolie/Sylvie/When I Was On Horseback/Ancient Sojourn/Planxty Corcoran/The Monagham/Lullaby 5
BLACKMOREíS NIGHT 1997-12-17 Berlin, 17 Dec. 1997 + Mainz, 11 Dec. 97 + Koln, 16 Dec. 97 Berlin Night 67:52/71:28 Disc One: Passionskirche, Berlin, Germany, 17 December 1997 - Opening S.E./ShadowOf The Moon/Be Mine Tonight/Play Minstrell Play/St. Teresa/Minstrel Hall/Under AViolet Moon/The Temple Of The King/16th Century Greensleeves/Memmingen/Renaissance Faire/ Mond Tanz/No Second Chance
Disc Two: Ariel/Band Introduction/The Clock Ticks On/ Still Iím Sad - Difficult To Cure - Keyboard Solo/Writing On The Wall/Man On The Silver Mountain/Spirit Of The Sea
Eltzer Hof, Mainz, Germany, 11 December 1997 - No Second Chance/Writing On The Wall
Live Music Hall, Koln, Germany, 16 December 1997 - Man On The Silver Mountain/Black Night
BLACKMOREíS NIGHT 2002-04-14 Luzhniki Arena, Moscow, Russia Live In Russia 62:54/56:34 Disc One: Intro/Written In The Stars (Reprise)/Shadow Of The Moon/Morning Star/Happy Birthday, Ritchie!/Play Minstrel Play/Minstrel Hall/Under A Violet Moon/This Times They Are A Changiní/16th Century Greensleeves/ Soldier Of Fortune/Durich Den Wald Zum Bach Haus/ Fires At Midnight
Disc Two: Mid Winterís Night/Village On The Sand/Past Time With Good Company/Catherine Hoeardís Fate/ Home Again/No Second Chance/Gone With The Wind/ Writting On The Wall
BLACKMOREíS NIGHT 2002-04-16 Philarmony, St. Petersburg, Russia Fires Over The Neva River 75:52/72:13 Disc One: Written In The Star/Shadow Of The Moon/ Morning Star/Play Minstrel Play/ Minstrel Hall/Under A Violet Moon/The Times They Are A-Changiní/Durch Den Wald Zum Bach Haus/Soldier Of Fortune/ Fires At Midnight/Midwinterís Night/Home Again
Disc Two: Memmengen/Past Time With Good Company (Slow Version)/Past Time With Good Company (Speed Version)/ Catherine Howardís Fate/Renaissance Fair/ Possum Goes To Prague/Beyond The Sunset/Writing On The Wall/I Still Remember/Wish You Were Here Ė Ocean Gypsy/Sixteen Century Greensleeves/Now And Then
BLACKMOREíS NIGHT 2002-04-28 Zabrze Dom Muzyki I Tanca, Zabrze, Poland Originally From Poland 69:41/70:49 Disc One: Intro: Written In The Stars/ Shadows Of The Moon/Morning Star/Play Minstrel Play/Avalon/Minstrel Hall/Under A Violet Moon/The Times They Are A Changin/Soldier Of Fortune/Durich Den Wald Zum Bach Haus/16th Century Greensleeves/The Storm/Fires At Midnight
Disc Two: Midwinterís Night/Home Again/ Past Time With Good Company/Possum Goes To Prague/ Catharine Hovardís Fate/ Renaisannce Faire/The Clock Ticks On/ Writting On The Wall/Wish You Were Here - Ocean Gypsy/I Still Remember/Difficult To Cure - Self Portrait/ Black Night/Over The Rainbow - Since You Been Gone/Now And Then
BLACKMOREíS NIGHT 2003-10-11 MDM, Moscow, Russia Black & Smoke Isralow In Moscow 2003 77:19/52:38 Disc One: Candice Feels Bad Announcement/Sisters Of The Moon Sing About Unicorn/Cartouche/Play Minstrel Play/Minstrel Hall/Under A Violet Moon/ Past Time With Good Company/Soldier Of Fortune/Durich Den Wald Zum Bach Haus/16th Century Greensleeves/ Diamonds And Rust/Home Again/Village On The Sand/ Mr. Peagramís Morris And Sword/Ghost Of A Rose
Disc Two: Renaisannce Faire/I Still Remember/The Clock Ticks On/All For One/Writting On The Wall/ Rainbow Blues/ Black Night/Smoke On The Water
BLACKMOREíS NIGHT 2005-10-31 Civic Centre, Aylesbury, UK Halloween In Aylesbury 74:46/56:01 Disc One: Morning Star/Queen For A Day/Under A Violet Moon/Minstrell Hall/Soldier Of Fortune/Past Times With Good Company/Child In Time - Mond Tanz/ The Streets Of London/Durich Den Wald Zum Bach Haus/Home Again/Fires At Midnight
Disc Two: Wind In The Willows/Diamonds And Rust/ First Day Of May/The Clock Ticks On/Keyboard Solo/ Ariel/All For One/Difficult To Cure/St. Theresa
BLACKMOREíS NIGHT/ GILLAN/ GLENN HUGHES   BLACKMOREíS NIGHT: Moscow, Russian TV appearance, 14 April 2002 + IAN GILLAN & THE MOONSHINERS: Olympisky Sport Palace, Moscow, Russia, 11 May 1990 + GLENN HUGHES: Sweden, 1993 + Sweden TV unplugged Deep Purple Apart 39:53 BLACKMOREíS NIGHT Ė Russian TV, 14 April 2002: No Second Chance/Home Again/Gone With The Wind
IAN GILLAN & THE MOONSHINERS Ė Moscow, Russia, 11 May 1990: Intro/Get Reaction/Black Night/Living For The City/ Strange Kind Of Woman
GLENN HUGHES Ė Sweden, 1993: I Got Your Number/ A Right To Love/Georgia On My Mind/House Of Rising Sun
GLENN HUGHES Ė Sweden TV unplugged: Phoenix Rising/From Now On...
BLAZE 2002-01-20 Vega Small, Copenhagen, Denmark Futureal 41:18 Forgotten Future/Kill And Destroy/End Dream/Ghost In The Machine/Speed Of Light/Futureal/Born As A Stranger/Man On The Edge/The Tenth Dimension 5
BLIND GUARDIAN / LUCIFERíS HERITAGE 1985-1991 Demo tapes of Bl. Guardian & Luciferís Heritage 1985-1991 Demos 43:44/44:47 Disc One: LUCIFERíS HERITAGE ďSymphonies Of DoomĒ demo 1985 - Halloween/Brain/Dead Of The Night/Symphonies Of Doom/Luciferís Heritage
LUCIFERíS HERITAGE ďBattalions Of FearĒ demo 1986 - Intro/Majesty/Trial By The Archon/Battalions Of Fear/Gandalfís Rebirth/Run For The Night
Disc Two: BLIND GUARDIAN ďTales From The Twilight WorldĒ demo 1990 - Lost In The Twilight Hall/  Tommyknockers/Welcome To Dying/Lord Of The Rings/Weird Dreams
BLIND GUARDIAN ďSomewhere Far BeyondĒ demo 1991 - Time, What Is Time/Theatre Of Pain/Ashes To Ashes/Trial By Fire/Spread Your Wings
BLIND GUARDIAN 1989-XX-XX Germany, 1989 Majesty í89 53:04 Inquisition/Banish From Sanctuary/Fast To Madness/ Valhalla/Damned For All Time/Brian/Majesty/Barbara Ann - Johnny B. Goode/Guardian Of The Blind/Prowler/ Run For The Night/Beyond The Ice 3
BLIND GUARDIAN 1992-03-17 Schweiz, Germany Tales From The Darkside 68:31 Banish From Sanctuary/Welcome To Dying/Traveller In Time/Tommyknockers/ Valhalla/Goodbye My Friend/ Majesty Medley (Majesty - Hall Of The King - Last Candle - Majesty)/Donít Break The Circle/Lost In The Twilight Hall/Barbara Ann/Guardian Of The Blind 5-
BLIND GUARDIAN 1992-09-15 Frankfurt, Germany Banish From Sanctuary (aka Woodland Rock) 75:09 Banish From Sanctuary/Traveler In Time/Journey Through The Dark/The Quest For Tanelorn/The Bardís Song-In The Forest/The Bardís Song-The Hobbit/Tommyknockers/ Valhalla/Time, What Is Time/Donít Break The Circle/ Welcome To Dying/Somewhere Far Beyond/Lord Of The Rings 5-
+ 1992-09-09
Tokyo, Japan, 4 December 1992 + Markthalle, Hamburg, Germany, 9 September 1992 The Complete Tokyo Tales 78:23/74:55 Disc One: Tokyo, Japan, 4 December 1992 Ė Inquisition/Banish From Sanctuary/ Journey Through The Dark/Traveler In Time/Run For The Night/The Quest For Tanelorn/The Bardís Song: In The Forest/ The Bardís Song: The Hobbit/Goodbye My Friend/Time What Is Time/Keyboard Solo/ Majesty + Band Introduction/Ashes To Ashes/Valhalla/Lord Of The Rings
Disc Two: Theatre Of Pain/Welcome To Dying/The Piperís Calling/Somewhere Far Beyond/Lost In The Twilight Hall/Barbara Ann
Markthalle, Hamburg, Germany, 9 September 1992 Ė Guardian Of The Blind/Donít Break The Circle/Traveller In Time/The Quest For Tanelorn/ Tommyknockers/The Bardís Song: In The Forest/ The Bardís Song: The Hobbit
SP on Tokyo tracks
+ 1996-10-10
Hamburg 14 May 1995 + Vasteras, Sweden, 10 Oct. 96 Imaginations From Hamburg 70:52 The Docks, Hamburg, Germany, 14 May 1995 - Intro/ Welcome To Dying/Time What Is Time/The Quest For Tanelorn/Iím Alive/And The Story Ends/Lord Of The Rings/Imaginations From The Other Side/Somewhere Far Beyond/Lost In The Twilight Hall/Barbara Ann
Tavastia, Vasteras, Sweden (Unplugged) - A Past And Future Secret/Bright Eyes/The Wizard
BLIND GUARDIAN 1995-10-01 Osaka, Japan Live In Japan 72:13 Welcome To Dying/And The Story Ends/Valhalla/Born In A Morning Hall/Another Holy War/Majesty/Mordredís Song/The Last Candle/Iím Alive/Traveler In Time/Journey Through The Dark/Imaginations From The Other Side 4
BLIND GUARDIAN 1995-12-22 Phillipshalle, Duesseldorf, Germany Santa Guardian 73:34 Welcome To Dying/Time What Is Time/And The Story Ends/Valhalla/The Bardís Song/Mordredís Song/Born In A Mourning Hall/Traveller In Time/A Past And Future Secret/Imaginations From The Other Side/Lost In The Twilight Hall/Barbara Ann 5
BLIND GUARDIAN 1996-11-02 Madrid, Spain Madrid Inquisition 51:33/53:42 Disc One: Banish From Sanctuary/Welcome To Dying/ And The Story Ends/Time What Is Time/Valhalla/The Bardís Song/Iím Alive/ Majesty
Disc Two: Mordredís Song/Traveller In Time/ A Past And Future Secret/Lord Of The Rings/Born In The Mourning Hall/ Imaginations From The Other Side/Lost In The Twilight Hall/Barbara Ann/Surfiní USA
BLIND GUARDIAN 1997-06-28 Krefeld, Germany Fan Club Meeting í97 43:30 And The Story Ends/Imaginations From The Other Side/ Mordredís Song/The Bardís Song/Ashes To Ashes/ Wizardís Crown/Lord Of The Rings/Brian/Surfiní USA/Barbara Ann 4+
BLIND GUARDIAN 1998-XX-XX Italian Metal Monsters Open-Air Festival, Milano, 1998 Italian Metal Monsters 43:54 War Of Wrath/Mirror, Mirror/Lost In The Twilight Hall/ The Script For My Requiem/The Bardís Song - In The Forest/Valhalla/Mordredís Song/Imaginations From The Other Side 3-
BLIND GUARDIAN 1998-08-14 KVA, Sao Paulo, Brazil Harvest Of Acoustics 70:29 War Of Wrath/Nightfall/A Past And Future Secret/ Theatre Of Pain/Black Chamber/The Wizard/Lord Of The Rings/The Bardís Song (The Hobbit)/Time Stands Still (At The Iron Hill)/Mirror Mirror/Valhalla/Harvest Of Sorrow/Bright Eyes/Mordredís Song/The Battle Of Sudden Flame/The Bardís Song (In The Forest)/Blood Tears 3
BLIND GUARDIAN 1998-10-03 Tokyo, Japan Nightfall In The East 65:43/53:01 Disc One: War Of Wrath/Into The Storm/Lost In The Twilight Hall/Ashes To Ashes/Nightfall/Black Chamber/Valhalla/Mordredís Song/Script For My Requiem/In The Forest - Welcome To Dying/Blood Tears/Time, What Is Time
Disc Two: Bright Eyes/Thorn/Traveller In Time/ Imaginations From The Other Side/Time Stands Still (At The Iron Hill)/Lord Of The Rings/And The Story Ends/ Mirror, Mirror
+ 1998-05-20
Capitol, Hannover, Germany
+ Babylon, Munich, Germany
Live '98 66:02/44:51 Disc One: Capitol, Hannover, Germany 15 May 1998 - Intro: War Of Wrath/Into The Storm/Lost In The Twilight Hall/Ashes To Ashes/Nightfall/ Valhalla/The Script For My Requiem/Mordred's Song/The Bard's Song - In The Forest/The Bard's Song - The Hobbit (Babylon, Munich, Germany 20 May 1998)/Welcome To Dying (Babylon, Munich, Germany 20 May 1998)/When Sorrow Sang
Disc Two: Traveller In Time (Babylon, Munich, Germany 20 May 1998)/ Thorn (Babylon, Munich, Germany 20 May 1998)/Imaginations From The Other Side (Babylon, Munich, Germany 20 May 1998)/And The Story Ends/ Lord Of The Rings/Mirror Mirror/Barbara Ann/Outro: Final Chapter (Thus Ends...) (Babylon, Munich, Germany 20 May 1998)
BLIND GUARDIAN 1998-05-27 La Locomotive, Paris, 27.05.98 + more from 92-96 Return Of The Elven Kings 73:47/71:03 Disc One: Locomotive, Paris, France, 27.05.98 - War Of Wrath/Into The Storm/Lost In The Twilight Hall/Ashes To Ashes/Nightfall/Valhalla/Mordredís Song/The Script For My Requiem/The Bardís Song - In The Forest/The Bardís Song - The Hobbit/Welcome To Dying/Traveller In Time/Imaginations From The Other Side
Disc Two: Lord Of The Rings/And The Story Ends/ Mirror Mirror/Final Chapter (Thus Ends)
Switzerland 1992 - Majesty Medley (Run For The Night/Hall Of The King/Last Candle/Majesty)/Guardian Of The Blind
Frankfurt, Germany 1992 - Tommyknockers/ Somewhere Far Beyond/Donít Break The Circle
Hamburg, Germany 1995 - Iím Alive
Vasteras, Sweden 1996 - Bright Eyes (Acoustic)/The Wizard (Acoustic)
Tokyo, Japan 1995 - Another Holy War
BLIND GUARDIAN 1999 Rare tracks (BG Czech Fan Club release 1999) Bootleg Rarities Vol. 1 72:46 ďBright EyesĒ Japanese EP - Bright Eyes (Edit Version/ Mr. Sandman/Hallelujah/ Imaginations From The Other Side (Demo Version)/A Past And Future Secret (Demo Version)
ďNightfall In The Middle-EarthĒ Japanese bonus-tracks - Nightfall (Orchestral Version)/A Dark Passage (Instrumental Version)
ďTokyo TalesĒ Japanese bonus-track - Lord Of The Rings
ďA Past And Future SecretĒ single B-side - Imaginations From The Other Side/The Wizard/A Past And Future Secret (Orchestral Version)
ďMirror MirrorĒ single B-side - And The Story Ends (Live Version)/Imaginations From The Other Side (Live Version)/Beyond The Realms Of Death
BLIND GUARDIAN 1999-11-06 Funzel, Krefeld, Germany Fan Club Meeting 1999 45:16/37:56 Disc One: Lost In The Twilight Hall/Into The Storm/ Brian/Bright Eyes/Mirror Mirror/ Time Stands Still (At The Iron Hill)/The Bardís Song (In The Forest)/A Past And Future Secret
Disc Two: Harvest Of Sorrow/Lord Of The Rings/ Nightfall/Mordredís Song/Majesty/ The Script For My Requiem
BLIND GUARDIAN 2002 Promo version of new studio album 2002 A Night At The Opera - Rough Mix 66:40 Precious Jerusalem/Battlefield/Under The Ice/Sadly Sings Destiny/The Maiden And The Minstrel Knight/Wait For An Answer/The Soulforged/Age Of False Innocence/ Punishment Divine/And Then There Was Silence 5-
BLIND GUARDIAN/ FREEDOM CALL 2002-04-29 Stadthalle, Langen, Germany Nightfall At The Opera 76:02/77:00 Disc One: BLIND GUARDIAN: HR3 Radio Jingle (25 Jahre HardíníHeavy + Interview Before The Show)/Intro - War Of Wrath/ Into The Storm/Welcome To Dying/ Nightfall/The Script For My Requiem/The Bardís Song - In The Forest/Under The Ice/ Valhalla/The Soulforged/ Run For The Night/Mordredís Song/Punishment Divine/ Harvest Of Sorrow
Disc Two: HR3 Radio Jingle (25 Jahre HardíníHeavy)/Imaginations From The Other Side/Lost In The Twilight Hall/A Past And Future Secret/Time Stands Still (At The Iron Hill)/Mirror, Mirror/Aftershow - Interviews - HR3 Radio Jingle)
FREEDOM CALL: Intro - The Spell/We Are One/ Freedom Call/Shine On Starlight/The Quest/The Quest Part 2/Warriors/Rise Up/ The Land Of Light/The Hymn Of The Brave
BLIND GUARDIAN 2002-05-24 Nizhniy Novgorod, Russia Dragons Fly Low 53:00/35:50 Disc One: War Of Wrath/Into The Storm/Banish From Sanctuary/Nightfall/ Harvest Of Sorrow/Lost In The Twilight Hall/Run For The Night/Valhalla/The Soulforged/Traveller In Time
Disc Two: Mordredís Song/The Bardís Song Ė In The Forest/Time Stands Still (At The Iron Hill)/Imaginations From The Other Side/Welcome To Dying/Mirror Mirror
BLIND GUARDIAN 2002-05-25 Moscow, Russia A Night In Moscow 51:59/63:55 Disc One: Intro - War Of Wrath/Into The Storm/ Welcome To Dying/Nightfall/The Script For My Requiem/Harvest Of Sorrow/Under The Ice/Valhalla/ Time What Is Time
Disc Two: The Soulforger/Traveler In Time/Mordredís Song/Punishment Divine/The Bardís Song - In The Forest/Imaginations From The Other Side/Lost In The Twilight Hall/Time Stands Still (At The Iron Hill)/Mirror, Mirror
BLIND GUARDIAN 2002-06-25 Club Quattro, Osaka, Japan The Sorcererís Aerie 61:28/49:19 Disc One: Intro - War Of Wrath/Into The Storm/ Welcome To Dying/Nightfall/The Script For My Requiem/Lord Of The Rings/Under The Ice/Bright Eyes/Valhalla/ The Soulforged/Mordredís Song
Disc Two: Born In A Mourning Hall/The Bardís Song - In The Forest/Imaginations From The Other Side/...And Then There Was Silence/Lost In A Twilight Hall/Mirror, Mirror
BLIND GUARDIAN 2002-10-27 Moscow, Russia Live After Terror 67:51/35:09 Disc One: War Of Wrath/Into The Storm/ Journey Through The Dark/Nightfall/Script For My Requiem/Lord Of The Rings/ Valhalla/The Soulforger/Mordredís Song/ Bright Eyes/Punishment Divine/Time Stands Still (At The Iron Hill)
Disc Two: The Bardís Song - In The Forest/ Imaginations From The Other Side/Lost In A Twilight Hall/Harvest Of Sorrow/Mirror Mirror
BLIND GUARDIAN 2003-08-22 Pardubice, Czech Republic Fantasy Metalfest (Audio) 69:50/27:47 Disc One: War Of Wrath/Into The Storm/ Hansi Greets Pardubice/Welcome To Dying/Barrier Damaged/ Nightfall/Problem With Ear Monitoring/The Script For My Requiem/Hansi Invites Us To Scandinavia/ Valhalla/ Hansi About Sauron In Mordor/ Lord Of The Rings/Hansi About Next Aggressive One/Iím Alive/Hansi About His Friend Mordred/Mordredís Song/Hansi About German Philosopher/Punishment Divine/Hansi About Cassandraís Visions/ And Then There Was Silence/Hansi About Acoustic Song
Disc Two: Acknowledgements To Incredible Fans/ Imaginations From The Other Side/Leave-Taking And Waiting For Encore/And The Story Ends/Hansi About Fingolfin/Time Stands Still (At The Iron Hill)/Leave-Taking/Mirror Mirror
BLIND GUARDIAN 2003-08-22 Pardubice, Czech Republic (CD-ROM with different stuff) Fantasy Metalfest (CD-ROM)   Audio, Contacts, Booklets, Catering, Homepage, Festival History, Media, Reviews, Fans Response, Acknowledgements, Shop, Promotion, Presale, Interviews, Setlists, Equipment, Press, Videos, Tickets and many other interests...  
BONNET, GRAHAM 1989-02-24 Melbourne, Australia Down Under 89 75:16 Night Of The Shooting Star (Intro)/God Blessed The Video/Island In The Sun/ S.O.S./Will You Be Home Tonight/Itís All Over Now Baby Blue/Only One Woman/ Desert Song/River Deep Mountain High/ Summer In The City/Since Youíve Been Gone/Drums Solo/Lost In Hollywood/ Dancer/All Night Long/Warm Ride 4
BONNET & AIREY BAND 2001-07-19 The Rock Garden, Easington, Co. Durahm, England (featuring Graham Bonnet, Don Airey, Dario Mollo, Chris Childs & Harry James) Rock Garden 72:27 Eyes Of The World/Loveís No Friend/Bad Girls/Maybe Next Time/Nightgames/Guitar Solo Ė Stargazer/Difficult To Cure Ė Keyboard Solo/Only One Woman/All Night Long/Lost In Hollywood/Since Youíve Been Gone/Iím Down - Lucille 5-
BONNET & AIREY BAND 2001-11-16 Cellar Bar, South Shields, England Live In The Cellar 44:36/37:24 Disc One: Eyes Of The World/Loveís No Friend/Bad Girl/Maybe Next Time/Night Games/Making Love/Guitar Solo Ė Stargazer Ė Difficult To Cure
Disc Two: Keyboard Solo Ė Difficult To Cure/Band Introduction/Night Of The Shooting Star/Only One Woman/All Night Long/Lost In Hollywood/Since Youíve Been Gone/Spotlight Kid (Instrumental)
BOSTON 1978-02-15 KBFH, Long Beach, USA, 15 February 1978 + Demos 1975-1976 Kodak Moments 77:36 Live at KBFH: Rock 'n' Roll Band/Help Me To Forget Her Name/More Than A Feeling/Power Play/Something About You/A Man I'll Never Be/Smokin'/Peace Of Mind/ Foreplay-Long Time
Demos: Don't Be Afraid Of Love/Help Me To Forget Her Name/Hitch A Ride/Smokin'/Talk To A Wall/Rock'n'Roll Band/Something About You/More Than A Feeling/Don't Be Afraid Of Love
BOSTON 1997-08-11 GTE Summer Pops Bowl, San Diego, CA, USA Greatest Hits Live 71:03/63:52 Disc One: Star Spangled Banner/Rock And Roll Band/ Peace Of Mind/ Don't Look Back/Instrumental/More Than A Feeling/Guitar Solo/Livin' For You/Cool The Engines/Surrender To Me/Hollyann (Extended)/Higher Power/Tell Me/Amanda
Disc Two: Launch/Walk On Medley & Walk On/The Infamous Sholz Phantom Pipe Organ Solo/Get Organ-ized & Walk On (Some More)/I Need Your Love/To Be A Man - I Think I Like It/Party/ForePlay /LongTime/Feelin' Satisfied/Something About You/Smokin'
BOSTON 2006-11-13 Symphony Hall, Boston, MA, USA Symphony Hall Boston 2006 (special event to honor Doug Flutie) 74:48 Doug Flutie Recognized/Boston Introduction/Star Spangled Banner/Rock & Roll Band/Peace Of Mind/Long Time Segue/I Think I Like It/More Than A Feeling/Tom Scholz Guitar Solo/Instrumental/Brad Speaks/A New World (with Boston Symphony)/To Be A Man (with Boston Symphony)/ Foreplay - Long Time/Don't Look Back/Smokin' (Doug Flutie on drums) 4+
BRAZEN ABBOT 1997-11-16 Biebob, Vosselaar, Belgium (Acoustic Gig Ė Joe Lynn Turner & Nikolo Kotzev) Twist Of Fate 62:15 Feeling Like A Rolling Stone/Street Of Dreams/Live And Learn/Stone Cold/Fool In Love/Wings Of A Dream/Love Is On Our Side/Twist Of Fate/Lord Have Mercy/Tush 5
BRITNEY, YOU SUCK   Anti-B.Spears project of memb. of Metallica, Korn, etc. (from MP3) Britney, You Suck 05:21 So Fucking Crazy (Mix)/Fuck Me Baby One More Time (Mix)/Britney, You Suck! (Bob BigCock featuring members of Limp Bizkit, Korn, Spears Eminem, Metallica, Slipknot, Deftones, Kid Rock, Backstreet Boys, NíSynk) 5
BYRON, DAVID 1967-1978 Sessions and rare tracks of Uriah Heep singer The Lost Songs 67:32 Avenue Records sessions featuring Elton John Ď68-í71: Letís Work Together/United We Stand/Montego Bay/ You Can Get It If You Really Want/Bet Your Life I Do/ Question/Itís All In The Game/All Right Now/I Hear You Knocking/Sugar Sugar/ What Does It Take/He Ainít Heavy, Heís My Brother
From John Shroderís album ďWitchi Tai ToĒ (1971): Wanna Thank You Girl/Back In The USSR/The Bird Has Flown/Witchi Tai To
B-Sides from singles for David Byronís album ďBaby Faced KillerĒ: Down On My Luck/All In Your Mind
Sea Song (Rough Diamond Live 28.06.1977)
–ė—Ā–Ņ–ĺ–Ľ—Ć–∑—É—é—ā—Ā—Ź —ā–Ķ—Ö–Ĺ–ĺ–Ľ–ĺ–≥–ł–ł uCoz